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What We Promise

What We Promise


- Authenticity Guaranteed. No doubt about this!

We guarantee all items are 100% authentic or your money back! All of our famous brand name items are directly coming from its manufacturers, retailers, designer stores, and authorized distributors.


- Fast Shipping Handling Time. Yes, we're fast!

We normally ship out within 1-2 business days after the payment clears. All items will be directly shipped from our fulfillment facilities across the U.S. (most of them will be shipped from California)


- Best Customer Services Guaranteed. Yes, we listen 24/7!

Our confidence is coming from our 10 years of online retail experiences. We've always maintained 99% or above positive feedback scores all the time. Feel free to contact us with any questions anytime.


- The Best Promotion In Town! (up to 26% off) Yes, we're going deeper!

Our prices are not just stopping at the typical off-price retailers' prices. We're going deeper. We're giving you more back. (EXTRA 26% off, please read below)


*The discount applies automatically in a cart, no codes needed.

26% Off - When you register your account (FREE) and buy ANY 3 or more items.

 Not ready to buy 3 items at this time? No problem! You could still get extra discounts even when you purchase only 1 item from us! Check these out!!


  • 10% Off When you register your account (FREE) and buy ANY 2 items.

  • 5% Off When you register your account (FREE) and buy ANY 1 item.


Please note:

  • - Registering to is always FREE.
  • - You don't need to input additional code to receive above extra-discounts.
  • - Our selling prices are subject to change regularly. (Sometimes it goes up.) 
  • - Even though it's an identical items, the items' selling prices could be different. (The one sits in our warehouse longer tends to have lower selling price than the other. )




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