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A Genuine Panama Hat

What's better than looking stylish on a hot summer's day? Looking great and feeling cool with one of Bailey's genuine Panama hats! A classic that never goes out of style, the traditional teardrop crown and down brim is perfect for protection from the sun. The handwoven Panama straw is lightweight and breezy, and the neutral colors match perfectly with every spring and summer wardrobe option.

The Panama style rose to prominence in the 1920s due to American actor Buster Keaton. He created a variety of Panama hats based on classic hat designs to wear in his movies. Today, men and women all over America choose the Panama hat to keep them cool in warm weather. Shop a hat that's a unique collaboration between Ecuadorian artisans and American craftsmen.


While many prefer more affordable hats made of alternative materials, there is truly nothing better than genuine Panama straw for this hat. Durable, airy, and expertly woven, Bailey's genuine Panama hats offer the highest quality of material, workmanship, and design. You can also expect an inner cotton band to ensure a perfect fit and comfortable all-day wear.